Hitched TV Series Apparel Launched

The TV series Hitched now has an apparel line and has attracted the attention of many. Their charisma, humour and courage have led to some memorable moments on our screens. Localnest and hitched have joined up to create the latest brand addition to the Localnest website.
The apparel from hitched is manufactured in South Africa, at the highest quality and the designs are simple yet powerful and effective.
A great part of this Localnest/Hitched collaboration is that two up-and-coming skaters, Olo and Lelo, are now sponsored! All hitched proceeds go to helping Olo and Lelo in their skateboarding careers.
It has been an exciting and interesting journey getting the products ready and on the website for sale and both hitched and Localnest are stoked to see the items on the web!
Shop at localnest.co.za– Local Clothing Brands In One Place.
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