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We have created the Localnest platform where brands can sell their products affordably and simply, while
ensuring that the brands can still convey to the customers their story, vision and personality.
One of the factors making Localnest stand out and giving us the edge over other platforms is the fact that all
brands on Localnest ship for free! Research suggests that customers prefer free shipping over lower product
prices. If your prices don’t currently account for free shipping, we can increase them slightly when uploading them
onto localnest.co.za so that even when shipping for free you are still making healthy profits.
Product old price: R340. Shipping fee R60.
Product new price R400. Shipping FREE.
We understand that the increase in product price may not always cover the shipping fee however the increase in
sales results in more revenue and profit for our brands.

Creating and maintaining websites is expensive for an apparel start up so Localnest has provided the opportunity
for brands to sell affordably online. Expensive subscription fees, large commissions and loss of control or
overregulation have prevented start up apparel lines from selling on 3rd party platforms in the past but Localnest
is different. Our low fixed 9% commission fee (including transaction fees) means you can confidently sell your
products without worrying about hidden costs.
We charge no subscription fee!
This allows for an incredibly affordable way to have your products available for online purchase.

The ecommerce industry in South Africa is rapidly growing and South Africans are beginning to trust shopping
online. We have partnered with TradeSafe as our payment gateway. This gateway allows customers to shop
online with confidence and trust.

Ranking high on Google either takes a long time, lots of money or expert developers. When brands join Localnest
they are able to benefit from the experts we have working on our SEO so that we can move up the Google
rankings. Localnest is a Google merchant which allows customers to easily discover and purchase your products
when you are listed with us.

South Africans are looking for local brands, so help them find yours by joining Localnest.

Join Localnest and give your brand a chance to prosper.

Localnest is the place to find brilliant local brands, and their products, in one spot! It is the perfect platform for your brand to reach our nation. Our website is designed as the middle man between the public and local South African clothing brands, saving you money on marketing and giving the people of South Africa easy access to your products. In addition, Search Engine Optimization ensures Localnest is found quickly by online shoppers.

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