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Attention All

South African Clothing Brands!​

We provide the platform for Your Brand to reach Our Nation!  

A professional website where your products will be displayed  

Brilliant local brands in one place  

Saving you money on marketing and advertising

 Enables the country to find your products easily

Search engine optimization to ensure our website is quickly found by online shoppers

How it works

Our secure website is designed as the middle man between the public and local South African clothing brands.

Your own personal page

 Your products in one place for customers to choose from.

 Your own page/store on our website for your apparel
 Secure payments.

Pro version software (WC Vendors) to optimize your experience.

User friendly for you (the brand) and for the customers  Easily update your own products, prices, stock and other features.  

It is simple, reliable, efficient and professional.

all you have to do

Keep your page updated
Deliver your goods

No catch !
Your brand can be part of localnest for free

Personalize your page/store 

Simply update your stock, products and more 

Make a sale and we keep a 5% commission and PBO’s and NPO’s keep 1%

No worries if you already have a website, this is a brilliant additional
platform to get your brand into homes across our beautiful country with very little effort!

1. The commission for our website is 5% per sale.

2. NPOs and PBOs (Public Benefit Organisations) will receive 1% per sale.

3. Total of 6%

4. A large portion of the commission we receive in the initial stages will be reinvested into marketing the
website and the upgrading of any features that require improvements.

5. There is no subscription fee to be part of this website.

6. Only when you sell products do we make any money on a commission basis.

7.  The delivering of the goods is up to you, we do not have the capacity currently to partner with a courier service for all the vendors.

8.  There will be a rating system on our website for customers to review and rate your products,
therefore the better your service and products are, the better your store will be rated, resulting in more sales, growing your brand.

9. We are committed to providing a safe, reliable and secure platform for South Africans to buy local clothes.

10. The software we will use takes care of secure payments, activity and data history, page/store ratings and reviews!